"Of all the people on earth, God chose you to be His special treasure."

With Love Treasures signature "Treasure Bloom" fresh fruit and flowers bouquets, you can easily show her recognition and emotional support.

Treasure Blooms

12 Roses, 12 Berries, 6 Chocolates or fruit

  • Gifting for:

  • Encouragement and Support

  • Bridal or Baby Showers

  • Proposal, Wife, Bridesmaids

  • As a unique alternative to cake



Treasure Blooms

8 Roses, 8 Berries, 4 Chocolates or grapevines

  • Edible Centerpiece for Weddings

  • Birthday and Special occasions



Thank You gift for teacher, nurses, care

Treasure Blooms

4 Roses, 4 Berries or fruit, 2 Chocolates

  • Great for:

  • Teacher Appreciation

  • Corporate Gifting and favors

  • Sending to someone long-distance

  • Treating yourself




Love Treasures is a family-owned handmade gift shop based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Our mission is to help you feel good inside.

We began creating edible gifts in 2018 in our facility certified by NC State Health Department.

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