I have a confession...


Blessings! I am Mrs. Monique Harris, owner and the O.G. (original GEM) of Love Treasures.

In 2017, I was midway through my healing journey from sexual assault. My heart was overjoyed and overwhelmed with gratitude to God for my progress and the new woman I had become. I kept saying, "All I want to do is give love".

A year later, I was inspired by my-

*Mom's attentiveness when gifting

*Aunt's hand-crafted designs

*Dad's entrepreneurship

*Husband and children's support

to combine my love for gifting- with my gift for baking. My vision was to "package and present all desserts as gifts", so that every guest at an event had the pleasure of opening a gift. I called my dessert gifts, Love Treasures. I have evolved into a Gift Experience Master (GEM).

In 2020, I realized my calling is caring for others. I am living my purpose through Love Treasures- a gifting ministry focused on emotion rather than occasions.

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©2020 by Love Treasures. Out of all the people on earth, God chose you to be His special treasure. -Deuteronomy 7:6