Sweet and Freaky Gift Box

Sweet and Freaky Gift Box


"I was so blown away by the Sweet and Freaky Gift Box. It was way more than I could have imagined. My husband has really enjoyed the spice it has added to our marriage in the bedroom. So ready to try out the other tricks in the box to include the book recommendations. If you are questioning if it's worth it, trust me it is!!! Thank you Monique!" -Jaleesa C.


Entice all 5 body senses and engage all 5 love languages with our signature couple's treat! This exclusive gift box from Love Treasures includes:


  1. The Sweet and Freaky book
  2. Five fresh-cut roses
  3. An erotic massage guide
  4. Sensual massage oil
  5. Chocolates to share with your spouse for a session of sweet and freaky fun!


Keep the gift box under or next to your bed for quick and easy access. Automatically restock with a subscription ($25/month).


This gift box is useful in any season, year-round, and especially for-

  • Spicing up your sex life in marriage without porn or perversions
  • Date nights at home
  • Private time on vacation
  • When you are stressed, burnout, or overwhelmed
  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Special occassions
  • A random act of kindness


Tip: After admiring your roses- scatter the petals for a romantic scene or add to your bath for a luxurious treat. Or, use them to make potpourri!


About the book-

"I’ve been married for 20 years but I have to admit not much time was put into intentionally speaking sweet phrases to my spouse and don’t even get me started with our sexual communication! I would blush at just the thought. What I love about this book is it gives me the words, which leads to the ideas, which turns into actions. Each phrase in this books opens the door to intimate communication that could otherwise go unsaid but really needs to be spoken." -Janelle


Sweet and Freaky book offers

a quick and easy way to say

I love you in a different way

every day.


Sweet and Freaky: Daily Messages to Your Husband is a collection of 366 messages of:

  • Encouragement
  • Appreciation
  • Intimacy


The Sweet and Freaky messages give you the freedom to choose be "The lady in the streets" or "The freak in the sheets". Speak, write, text, or email your messages! The purpose is to build a consistent daily habit of actively sharing loving messages with your husband. Keep it on your night stand for quick and easy access.


10 Times to reach for it-

After a:

  • Great love-making session
  • Disagreement or argument
  • Long or busy day

When you:

  • Can't think of anything positive to say to him
  • Are tempted to nag or complain
  • Want to initiate sex
  • Want to spice up your sex life without porn or perversions
  • Want to remind him you're still attracted to him
  • Want to be intimate without having sex ("time of the month", during pregnancy, after childbirth, or overcoming health issues)
  • Just want to be held (overcoming depression, experiencing grief, or calming anxiety)


Write him a note and hide it in an unexpected, but routine place like-

  • In his lunch bag
  • In his wallet
  • In his underwear drawer
  • In his car (cupholder, dashboard, or near the radio)


Send him a text message-

  • Before bed
  • When you wake up
  • Before work
  • When he's at work
  • When he's in the shower


If you really want to spice up your sex life with anticipation and excitement-

  • Write or send several Freaky messages throughout the day
  • Whisper one of the messages in his ear when he's leaving or returning home from work
  • Write a short Freaky message on the bathroom mirror- in its steam or with lipstick (I like the steam because he doesn't see it until he's out the shower, drying off)


Ways to use this book in the love languages-

  • Words: Speak Sweet messages to him before he leaves and when he returns home, or put notes in unexpected places for him to find
  • Acts: Prep him with Freaky messages, then take special care to set the mood for him; put on your sexy lingerie and seduce him
  • Gifts: Write Sweet messages on his gift tag, card, or envelope
  • Time: During your quality screen-free time, speak Freaky messages
  • Touch: Use the kissable oil in the Gift Box to give a sensual massage


The book is 6x9 inches, includes sensual adult pictures, sexually explicit language, and content for ages 21 and older only.


Disclaimer (and reminder): Every marriage is different.

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-Ricky Stevenson


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